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Pi Day Arrival Deadlines: For orders to the United States, please order by Monday, March 10th.

Will You Survive Pi Day?

Pi Day is nearly here...You'll want to get our Pi Day Survival Kit...just to be on the safe side.

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Super Pi
Super Pi
5pi ($15.70)
It's a bird...it's a plane...no, it's pi! And just like Superman, the world's most important mathematical constant comes to the rescue, keeping the world in a circular orbit, and making sure that frisbees don't have gastly corners to poke out your eyes. This shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton and comes in Superman blue.

The Super Pi is now available in women's sizes! Click here to get it in a women's size.
<b>Pi Cookie Cutter</b>  <i>New!</i>
Pi Cookie Cutter New!
4pi ($12.56)
Pizza Pi, Apple Pi, Chicken Pot Pi...now it's easy to make all these treats with our newest gift, the pi cookie cutter! Pi pancakes, pi cookies, pi brownies, or just use it for your shrine of math nerdiness. Great for school fundraisers or just a fun Pi Day activity. Made of long-lasting, beautiful cooper, and at 3-3/4" x 3-1/2" it is easy to use and easy to make high quality cookies or whatever else comes to your math-genius mind.
Approximation Is For Wimps
Approximation Is For Wimps
5pi ($15.70)
Whether you classify yourself as a mathematical wimp or warrior, this prophetic t-shirt is for you! Evangelize the importance of using more digits of pi than is astronomically necessary and the world will know you.

Great gift for a math geek, math nerd, math dweeb, among many other species of mathematicians of all sizes. All shirts are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and range in sizes from Small to 4XL.

Pi Day Activity Book on USB
Pi Day Activity Book on USB
5pi ($15.70)
A 500-MB USB drive packed with plenty of pi puns, games, lessons, facts, figures, articles, and more! An excellent resource for your classroom for Pi Day or any day that you are looking to inject something interesting and unique into your curriculum.
<b>Backwards</b> Unit Circle Clock
Backwards Unit Circle Clock
5pi ($15.70)
Our clocks are finally back in stock! Wait?! What time did you say it was? pi/2 past 2pi? Oh, okay, I have pi/6 more minutes until my class.

Have this power-nerd conversation while confusing/impressing your friends/students/fellow teachers and nerds with this clock that goes backwards!

But, why does it go backwards?That's a great question. It goes backwards because it has the image of the unit circle on the clock. When you read the unit circle, you read it counter-clockwise. Even better, the unit circle starts at the x-axis, so this clock mimics that by starting in the 3 o'clock position!

This is great for the classroom, too, if you are a) teaching trig or b) just want to keep your kids from looking at the clock to see when class will be over!
Pi Day CD
Pi Day CD
3pi ($9.42)
Rock out with pi any day of the week with this CD of pi songs! Originally recorded by students at Skyline High School in Utah, every purchase sends $2 back to their school!
The tracks on this CD are:
  1. Wishing Pi Were Here Again
  2. Never Knowing Pi
  3. Bye, Bye, American Pi
  4. Kum-Pi-Ya
  5. On Top of an Integral
  6. Pi Chant
  7. Pi In the Sky
  8. Gonna Find the Radius
  9. Sick of Pi
  10. Pi Goes Forever
  11. Once Upon a Dream
  12. Wonderful, Wonderful Pi
  13. Pi Is Amazing
  14. Hey, Pi
7pi ($21.98)
Peace, love, pi, dude! Hand-dyed shirts made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton come in either "Wild and Crazy" (kind of like the product image) or "Cool and Collective" (not as pi-cadelic).
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